call for submissions: so glad is my heart

Dear Internet,
a million and half years ago (1999), a bunch of friends and i got together and put together a little ‘zine called called tripping on stars. the premise was simple: 500 words, creative fiction or not, specifically detailing the little moments in our lives that we often overlook. it was a the little ‘zine that could but sadly, did not. publication ceased after the first month. go here to get a taste of the type of content we were looking for
i like getting daily stories in my inbox, but the content and size tend to overwhelm me. some publishers will publish just about anything, in any size, and i end up deleting more than i read. i want bite sized pieces to cleanse my palette. stories or thoughts that provoke, challenge, entice, beguile, and speak to me. i didn’t care if it was something as mundane as the 30 seconds it takes to put on your socks in the morning.
sometimes i look at people and wondering what they are or doing a that exact moment in their lives. we all like the idea of random slices of interesting stuff in our lives, that are seemingly forgotten.
i want little snippets, either made up or real, about life.
the internet has come a long way in 15 years. it was time to bring back my little ‘zine.
so welcome. welcome. have a look around. we publish monday through friday. you can sign up to have the stories sent you via email, rss, tumblr, twitter, or facebook.
you can also submit an image or a  story (and we’ll love you for it even more).

99% of the above is from the about page of my new ‘zine, so glad is my heart.  When putting the old content from the lisa chronicles back online, I stumbled upon the old site that was long buried in my drive and discovered the gems that were there. some of the work was quite good and it was a shame that it had fallen to the wayside. i knew it was time to resurrect the ‘zine but with a new name. like magic, so glad is my heart was born.
i’m chuffed as chips as I’ve started reaching out to some talented writers to contribute and so far, everyone is on board. Now it’s time to reach to do a public call to get even more people participating! I hope to begin publishing sometime in september february 2015.
so glad is my heart

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P.S. the site has most of the infrastructure up, but there is a still tires to be kicked and what not. Please excuse the mess.

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