quote: Douglas Adams on Grand Rapids, MI

I’m a writer and I’m feeling like death, as you would too if you’d just flown into Grand Rapids, Michigan at some ungodly hour of the morning only to discover that you can’t get into your hotel room for another three hours. In fact it’s enough just to have flown into Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you are a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, then please assume that I am just kidding. Anyone else will surely realise that I am not.

video: Pure Michigan’s version of Grand Rapids

Kate tipped me off to this newish Pure Michigan ad of Grand Rapids that is so heartwarming and touching, you are beyond desperate to visit this magical place.
Except, it’s not quite 100% true. Shocking, I know. The biggest faux pas is that the lovely lake shots they keep interjecting? Lake Michigan is roughly 30 miles away. The art museum looks way more entertaining then it actually is, and the walk through the forest shot? GR is urban sprawl, that’s not even really in the city.
P.S. Rowster Coffee is a few blocks from Throbbing Manor. So there is that.

image: That’s not quite what I meant Google

SlideShare’s new Terms of Service [link is to email sent to subscribers, site has not been updated], clearly outlines that in the future,

Your LinkedIn account will power a richer experience on our service, and in the future may be prioritized over other sign-up or log-in options on SlideShare.

Like most, I was on LinkedIn. Then they got hacked and bumbled how they handled the hack. As I never used LinkedIn at all after the initial set up as I never found it useful or helpful, it seemed silly to keep a service that I barely used and had terrible security practices, so I dumped it.
As I was not aware that SlideShare was part of the LinkedIn “family” (why does marketing keep trying to push The Walton’s ideology of closeness and goody-too shoes on to everything? How many people will even get that reference?) and I would not have felt as irritated it were not for the line of “prioritized over other sign-up or log-in options” in their latest missive. I am not going to create an account with a shitty service who can’t keep their security audited to keep using a less than optimal service that I was not thrilled to use in the first place.
Fuck. That.
So I decided it was time to move my decks from SlideShare to something else, and I remembered there was a operator within Google that you can use to find similar products/pages/services. But as I couldn’t remember the operator, I started out with typing “better than” and got the following:
I made sure to capture the fact that I was logged into Google when I did the search, since Google relies on your search history when it comes back with recommendations. Now it really makes you wonder what the hell I’ve been looking for in the past to get such a bizarre assortment of recommendations.
And oh, the operator? It’s vs. Searching slideshare vs brought up a whole slew of alternatives to SlideShare and I’m porting everything over to Speaker Deck.
P.S. Yes, I’m aware the SSL on the site has expired. I have not had time to update the cert, which I will be doing sometime next few days.

video: A long time ago, we used to be friends

A couple of years ago, I had bad withdrawals when I finished watching Veronica Mars for the first time. When I heard about the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter, I laid down the law all I wanted for my birthday was one of the Tshirt and DVD of the movie, which TheHusband (also a fan) happily obliged.
When TheHusband informed me they were releasing the digital download the same time as the theatrical release, I was over the moon with counting down the days.
Today is that day!
Veronica Mars tshirt ON! Tacos for dinner!
Oh marshmallow, I’ve missed you so.

linkage: A moat, dungeon, and turrets? Becoming lady of the manor


It seems serendipitous the morning I buy a lotto ticket for the $353M lottery, I read about a  £3M medieval castle in Staffordshire, replete with moat and dungeon (!!!), is up for sale.
You can get a walk through below or peruse the sale brochure to see the floor plans and what your £3M will get you.
And thanks to a thriving wedding industry, the castle can make extra dosh renting itself out, just incase you need to invest in a new under butler or something.