quote: Ellen Klages On Google Research

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I play on the web as if Google was a pinball machine, caroming and bouncing from link to link to tangent, making notes about odd factoids that catch my eye.
Ellen Klages

quote: Douglas Adams on Grand Rapids, MI

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I’m a writer and I’m feeling like death, as you would too if you’d just flown into Grand Rapids, Michigan at some ungodly hour of the morning only to discover that you can’t get into your hotel room for another three hours. In fact it’s enough just to have flown into Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you are a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, then please assume that I am just kidding. Anyone else will surely realise that I am not.

video: Pure Michigan’s version of Grand Rapids

Kate tipped me off to this newish Pure Michigan ad of Grand Rapids that is so heartwarming and touching, you are beyond desperate to visit this magical place.

Except, it’s not quite 100% true. Shocking, I know. The biggest faux pas is that the lovely lake shots they keep interjecting? Lake Michigan is roughly 30 miles away. The art museum looks way more entertaining then it actually is, and the walk through the forest shot? GR is urban sprawl, that’s not even really in the city.


P.S. Rowster Coffee is a few blocks from Throbbing Manor. So there is that.