Collection of Cunning Curiosities – March 13, 2016


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Cunning Tales from a Systems Librarian
þ How To: Become a Library Future(ist) – part i
þ LibUX interviewed me on unicorn librarian jobs and more for their podcast and it went live this week! If you have 30 minutes, go take a listen!
þ personal anacdotes on misc

Fanciful Delights

þ A few months I went on OKCupid out of pure curiosity. With a only a photo and blank profile, I received half a dozen “hey baby” messages within 5 minutes. Nope nope nope and deactivated my account. When I read My First 48 hours As An OkCupid Moderator, it confirmed why I’m only dating myself and I like to keep it that way
þ I am growing warmer to the Brontë’s and I have to concede Jane Eyre and the Invention of the Self is a great nod to that argument
þ By answering a few questions, Bright Cellars will pinpoint the perfect wine for you
þ Another rock star writer named Jonathan cannot keep his dick in his pants
þ At least one person asked me if helped empty the world’s supply of scotch, but I can’t stand the stuff (or bourbon, rye, or whisky). Trust me. I’ve tried. I’m a vodka girl through and through.
þ Matthew Rhys (Phillip in The Americans) in his glorious Welsh self and Matthew Goode, because he’s Matthew Goode, have a tv series coming out called, The Wine Show. Sign me up!
þ My body is a quirky son of a bitch. Once it gets used to something, it decides it doesn’t like it anymore. See: crazy drugs. While the same happened with the Mirena IUD, it still remains the most popular contraceptive I advocate. I was thrilled to learn Thanks to IUDs, Unintended Pregnancies Are Falling for the First Time in Decades
þ Relevant to my interests, a podcast discussing nothing but Icelandic saga
þ Mormons and non-Mormons are having it out via Amazon reviews over a 1981 edition of the The Book of Mormon
þ Believe it or not, the Prohibition Party still exists
þ Things you learn when playing rugby
þ I am totally looking forward to being 60 and rocking jeans, pop culture tshirts, Chucks, and cardigans so this listicle makes me pretty happy. #14 of the lady and her tattoo sleeves? That will so be me.
þ If you’ve seen Star Wars VII, you’re away the adorableness that is BB-8. Well now someone has made him — out of LEGOs
þ Mr. Darcy’s Shirt Is Coming to America: “A half-serious proposal to keep the shirt wet and molded to its display dummy by using misters like those in grocery store produce sections was deemed ‘curatorially unsound…'”.
þ, using Social Security birth registered records, have calculated the top ten male and female names for every decade going back to the 1880s. “Lisa” shows up only once, in the 1970s, and is never seen again. Growing up, there were always at least three Lisas in my classes. As I got older, went to college, getting adult jobs — I can rarely find a Lisa anywhere. I don’t think I even know a Lisa up to my extended schedule. Now, where the hell are the other Lisa’s?? Are they being hunted down? Am I next?? It remains a mystery of the age.
þ Miniature milestone as Russian claims new record for world’s tiniest book

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