Day 13: Tales of the Blue Monarch Unlocked

Blue Monarch at Meijer Gardens
Blue Monarch at Meijer Gardens

Not much terribly to report for Sunday. TheHusband and I went to Meijer Gardensto take advantage of the beautiful 60F+ weather we were having and he had never been, so we thought why the fuck not? The downfall was that the gardens were not in bloom and the interior + sculpture park were jammed with kids with overly engaged parents. By overly engaged, I mean parents who completely disregarded the signs to not touch the sculptures and letting their children use them as play things. We saw more people posing pictures with their kids to illustrate WHAT A FUN TIME THEY WHERE HAVING over, you know, actually having a fun time.

We did our weekly shop, which was fairly light since we’re back to using Door to Door Organics and came home to have Justin prep dinner while I did other chores. I was able to get most of the work done for Sunday since I’m teaching in Holland for better part of Monday and finished a proposal to present for a conference later this year. I aimed to get two, possibly three, proposal done but I was satisfied with geting at least one completed with hopes to finish the other two before the stroke of midnight on Monday.
My main take away thus far in this rebooting of the unfucking is that no matter what else I get done (or don’t), I’m always going to remember to do the basics of UFHY. No matter how tired, exhausted, or lazy I’m feeling, doing those basics saves me a tremendous fuckton of time in the morning following. Like now, in which it is Monday morning and I have enough time to write up the report for Sunday before heading to work.
Interestingly, TheHusband pointed out that I have not really finished a book in months since I’m now transfixed to watching television in bed over reading/sleeping/fucking. I thought this was a good point – the last book I finished was in January and the book I bought to replace it has only the first 50 pages read. This is going on the unfucking list as I’m tired of staying up until 3AM watching Battlestar Galactica or The Wire or whatever show is capturing my attention, falling asleep in the middle of an episode, and then having to rewatch the episode or attempt to reconstruct what happened.  Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Tales of the Blue Monarch Unlocked”

  1. Yay!
    1. DTDO rocks! 🙂
    2. I have recently taken to packing lunch meals on the weekend, so I can just blindly toss an assortment of tupperware into my lunch bag each morning and know that I’ll have a decent meal. This has made SUCH a difference! I just can’t be counted on to be able to think about things first thing in the morning, so prepping for the week has totally unfucked my lunches. Which I am also now actually TAKING. I have been closing my office door, eating a decent lunch, and watching ST:TNG on my iPad while I eat and then knit. I feel like a massively more stable/balanced/relaxed person since I stopped working through lunch and eating like crap. Shocking, eh?
    3. I support your decision to stop watching (so much) TV in bed. When we moved to our current house, we ended up with a much smaller master bedroom than in our previous house. So much smaller that there wasn’t room for a TV. I have found that I read a lot more and sleep better anyway – I’m much more likely to fall asleep “on time” if I’m reading first than if I’m watching TV or doing something else with a screen. I’ve read about some research that says that screen time right before trying to sleep can make it harder to fall asleep – seems to be true for me anyway.
    And a general huzzah! to self-improvement!

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