fanciful delights for june 20, 2016

Dear Internet,
Inspired by my Star Trek lovin’ pal, Carrie-Anne, I’m restructuring a bit how Fanciful Delights will be presented, thus in addition to things that have struck my fancy for that week with a bullet point list of what’s happening in my life.
Which I’ll start next week because it’s late Sunday night and I am grumpily need to get to bed.

things I have written

þ palindrome birthday in which I discuss turning 44 and love.

Fanciful Delights

þ The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife An account of the potentiality of Jesus having been married. Dan Brown novel or reality? You decide.
þ How a boy from the Sri Lankan jungle formed the greatest punk band you’ve never heard You don’t have to be in punk or even post-punk to marvel at a slice of music history. If you’re discovering obscure or very little known bands, check out Death, an all Black punk band from Detroit that pre-date even The Ramones. The documentary is fabulous.
þ Dear Broke Reader: Your Sense of Entitlement is Killing Me A thoughtful argument on the nature of getting paid for creative work and those who steal from creators. You’ve seen variations of this argument with illustrators and other creative types but here the case is pushed forward because it’s not that people are asking for something for nothing but they are just taking that something without paying, e.g. illegal downloads of the work. There are numerous ways you can pay an author, and not necessarily in cash, for their work:

  • Buy the book outright. Even used books while the money isn’t going directly to the author, the work is being shared and loved by more people
  • Check out the item from the library. You are not paying directly for the authors books but the more a book / author is checked out, higher likelihood that more copies will be purchased not for just this title but for the author’s other works are well you’re also sharing in the love.
  • Support the author on social media. Sharing IS caring and the more people know about an author, the more people will buy from that author, and so on it goes.

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