I swear, trying to get this updated and ready to go is killin’ me. 😉 No, in all seriousness, a few things that need to be noted:

  • I’ve been a fan of the popular comic User Friendly for a long time now. Last week, I started hanging out on the #UserFriendly on Undernet. These guys are great! I’ve been on IRC for nearly five years and never have I ever felt more welcome. But there are problems afoot in UFie-land. Please click on the banner on the bottom (the one with the cute little DustPuppy) and read more.
  • I was voted “Geek of the Week: For 3.21.99”. I was so stoked when I got the email. You see, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! 🙂 Okay, okay, it took me a week (and then some!) to mention this. 🙂 However, since they linked my page, I’m linking theirs. But it just mad my day 🙂

New pictures:

*much* shorter hair. (It’s now orange 😉 new glasses (which I love) and I still need a damn nose and cheek job.
and in other news
Monday (3.29.99) has got to be the worse day of my life. It started out with me first getting to work and finding out my machine had been rebooted during the weekend (a big no no) and not fully powered up. See, I run server connectivity software called WhatsUpGold that checks the servers to verify they are functioning properly. When one server is not responding, an alpha numeric page is sent over a modem to the attending sysadmin. I sent an email out to the sysadmin mailing list and told them my machine was down and I was planning on fixing it. A few hours later, one of the sysadmins comes running down stairs yelling and screamin at me about why isn’t my machine up. I patiently explained that I had emailed (as I should) and he kinda went “Oh.” and left. Turns out the st00pid mail server didn’t take it cos the address I emailed from wasn’t on the dist list.
Later on, i find out that my motherboard is fried. The only other matching motherboards are also fried (didn’t know this till I had rebuilt the machine). So I stole a machine from someone who had left the company. I swapped harddrives and everything worked out ok.for a moment.Other things happened in the day. One of the NT sysadmins didn’t like my “attitude” and threatened to tell my boss (whose used to hearing this by now) however, my saving grace is that I’ve been sweet as pie since my last talk with my boss (heh) so he (the NT sysadmin) couldn’t really fault me. One of the other sysadmins tried to get me to apologize. I was like “Funk that!” I’m not apologizing for some moron’s ego. I can barely apologize for my own!
To top that off, I got two parking tickets. And when I came home after work (after contemplating about buying beer *gasp*), I was making pasta when I had realized we had NO SAUCE! argh! And to make it even worse, none of my slobby roommates took the garbage out. *pout*
and today on #UF a certain nick (who won’t be named) came in claiming that they had hand ENTERED the h_key reg items in the registry on winders98, while drunk, at a party. To boot this person claimed that they had done this on an old Toshiba lap top with a 200MB drive, which had winders3.x->95->98 all installed on top of each other. This person just ticked me off so bad. A lot of people disagreed with this story. Supposedly, this person also claims a lot of stuff — and supposedly walks the walk, but they are a braggart. Someone in the channel would request something (hardware) and this person would “brag” they had the latest and greatest, would be willing to give it to ’em, but gee! it was broken/out of the shop/they live too far away for mail. I mean, c’mon here. 
I had gotten an email, from my friend Skott the other day asking me something like: “Why is someone with such a natural talent for words and communication interested in installing computer networks with myself in the middle of nowhere?”
As many of my faithful readers know, this is the one quandary I’ve been having for awhile. I still haven’t made any concrete decisions about my life. I keep finding myself pulled in a thousand different places. I need to be making decisions, and I have been doing nothing but IRC’ing and playing spades my life away.
I miss everyone. 🙁
Come find me on IRC when you get the chance.
and more life
I completely realize that this issue isn’t personal or maybe not even that exciting. However, the masses are calling for it and whom am I to complain? It’s all part of the “LISA-PLAN-TO-TAKE-OVER-THE-WORLD!”
night 🙂