funny thing happened on the way to the forum

i was talking to boy-who-lives-over-seas a few weeks ago and i quipped
“oh now, what happens if i ever get a boyfriend?”
“because I sleep crosswise on the bed, face planted in the pillows with two pugs who snore and are protective about sleeping with me. Where is he going to sleep?”
“fuck it, he can sleep on the couch.”
hilarity ensues!
anyways, got permission from kethryvis about asking boy-who-lives-over-seas to the KEFFYLISACON03 in vegas, and made her promise not to smack me for asking. Anyways, as the world knows, he’s starting dating someone and I’ve been keeping hella distance. Have to or else obsess about it and that is the LAST thing I need. Told him not to answer unless he had a real good raeson not to come (ie: clingy gf, no money, war). ANything else would be trivial and I would taunt him with pictures of me and hot strippers 😀
He has a fear of flying. He probably WONT show but as the good book, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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