on arthritis

I’m gonna drop a little back history for those of you in the know:
In 1994, I slipped and fell on my parents driveway, giving myself a dislocation and a double fracture. I ended up with 12 pins and a plate inserted. Since then, I’ve had fairly minor trouble, and it wasn’t until last year when Kethryvis came to visit and I could barely walk half way while she was here because the swelling and the pain was so terrible that i had to keep my leg elevated for most of her trip. Off to the docs i went to find that the ankle itself was fine and dandy, but what I had was Osteopathic Arthritis and well that’s when hell kicked in.
It was like when you find out something, it intensifies. My hands (I’ve sliced off my left pinky, sliced open my right palm), my knees (busted both open).

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