what subjects that you are in hell:
why i need to read my e-mail more often
from a laurell k. hamilton e-mail that was sent from her publisher:

Would you like to read A CARESS OF TWILIGHT before it’s published & tell
us what you think?
If you answered Yes, send an e-mail message to delrey@randomhouse.com
with the subject “CARESS-review request.” Include your snail-mail
address. We will choose twenty readers randomly from all the requests we
receive. The deadline to request an advance reader’s edition is midnight
on February 19; books will be sent out immediately thereafter. Reviews
are due back to us by March 19.

and I read it today, the 20th.
the gods hate me, I know this to be true!
So I post the random teen blog generator at 12:03pm and then check my friends list later on to notate that they have now started putting it in their LJ.
damn people, get your own schtick! this is all mine.
I love you all still.