Hey Cuz

I’m doing 90MPH on I-69 (yes a legit highway) when I punch in my aunt Debbie’s phone number (digging it out from my pda no less. I am an AMAZING driver).
me: Is Debbie there please?
male voice: No, she’s out. Can I take a message?
me: Yes, (I smile), this is her niece Lisa.
male voice: oooo WOW HI!
I haven’t spoken to my cousins in six years, since my grandfather died. I’m the third oldest cousin and my two oldest are ones that I don’t really care about (i got torutred by them a lot when I was younger) and but the ones below me, they are my babies. My cousin Kevin, Kris and Jon (26, 21, 18). That above was my cousin Jon. I haven’t seen him since he was 12 and he’s now 18 and going to college. His girlfriend is a freshman at Aquinas (small fucking world — my other cousin Paul goes to GVSU, another GR local uni) and he’s been to campus a tonne of times — which is funny because we so missed each other. Kevin was my best friend growing up and we used to go tromping through the trees and what not, playing video games etc and went drinking together in Sarnia when my grandfather died. Now we are all grown up.
My family is, to be blunt, immature, childish, and full of idiots. There are seven children, my mother being the eldest of the lot, and there is nine grand kids and two great-grand kids. The big parties of the easter/christmas getting together? Gone. The 40 people hanging out playing euchre and laughing around after dinner table? Gone. All the family hoo-haws and doo-dads, from cards and presents to informal gatherings in the summer bbqing and playing horseshoes? Oh, all fucking gone.
I don’t know when the world went to hell, probably when I was 13 or so, though to be far the big family shindigs lasted a few more years but once my mom moved us from Port Huron to Grand Rapids, and she started getting depressed all i know is that the family fell apart.
Jon said he had not known the deal with all the sisters but i told him i was tired of how his own mom didn’t tell him a: i was coming into town, b: that we hadn’t spoken and c: that all the sisters are being stupid bitches with their fueding. Grow the fuck up, life is too fucking short for this insane arguing.
Tomorrow I’m going out with my cousins that I haven’t seen in six years.
I’ll let you know, of course, how it goes.