hostile takeover

There are those who may think that there were ulterior motives behind Lisa’s visit to this here bluff city. Well yer right! It is all part of my elaborate scheme to become famous by taking over everybody else’s website! Yeah sure, I had to trade my daily journal, but nobody ever reads that thing… This is where its at, and Miketron2000 industries is ALL about taking over the world… one website at a time.
Anyways, so far… so good. She hasn’t killed me yet (that’s always a good thing). For those of you who only know of Lisa through this fine website, then I’m one up on ya! HA! Actually, she’s quite nice. Aside from the constant drug use, vandalism, and animal torture, she’s pretty easy going. I didn’t appreciate when she threw my television set into the pool, but its my own fault for not securing it properly, right?
I don’t write as much as Lisa (mainly because I am not a writer), so these here bits probably won’t be as full of the insight and glamour that many are used to… but man can I talk about my cat! Did you know that when I found him he had a hole in his head! Sure nuff, Bob’s yer uncle!
This is my first time meeting a pal over the internet, and its strangely fascinating. Here is a person I have never met in real life yet feel like I am darn good friends with. If there is anything I have learned in the past year, its that one cannot have too many friends, even if you don’t think so at certain times… Good friends are the reason I am still around today. In the past year I have gone from taking my friends for granted to really understanding what a valuable purpose the serve in the grand scheme of things. That may be the reason I overextend myself these days trying to accommodate the few that I have (although I am sure Jason Alexander would dispute that claim of accommodation).
So, there is much time and much stuff to do… These next two weeks will be quite busy for me. Lisa wants to check out the University (one of the reasons, she came y’know), everybody MUST see downtown Memphis when they come here… as well as the hippie charm of Midtown. We’ve already been to Chili’s and gone swimming, so we are just going down the list at this point. Y’know, crack houses gun shows, that sort of thing.
So, that’s about the long and short of it right now… More news as it comes to me.
Yours Truly,
Miklos I mean, Mike

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