if i can move it with you

i’m a big dork.
big big dork.
i was bitching and moaning for about 2 weeks before I went to Mayumphis that I had lost my 1965 cd. Looked and looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. Went into my bedroom today to play some cd’s in my stereo. Guess what was in the cd player? And this AFTER i went and bought another copy! ARGH! well. Two copies of 1965 are always doable :).
Greg Dulli owns. What can i say?
The last few weeks have been emotional hell. Remember the time when I used to say that I lived for melodrama? I’m regretting that now. I am even finding myself to be participating in games i swore i wouldn’t play. It’s not about whose lying to who or whose doing what to who, it’s more like whose doing who and why. And other stuff. Peoples feelings are getting hurt left and right and the more I try to stay out of it, the more in the thick i have become in it. I find that anything I do say will tip too many people off to to many different situations that I’m in. I’ve been thinking left and right and it seems the only words that have been coming out of my mouth lately is “I won’t tell.” And it’s fucking pissing me off. ARGH!
And the irony is that it’s being told to me, the online diariest.
Sorry I find that really hilarious.
goddamn. I can’t wait for two things:
1. This week to be over.
2. To move in October.
Mad props go to the following people:
Shelly: She’s been ultra serious about getting her life rearranged and started a new diet. 12 pounds have been lost so far. Congrats Shell!
Jaffo: is one of the very few journals that I read. His comments are often more about slices of life according to him and often right on target about how he sees the world. He wrote an entry on “losers” and such and it was so in tune with how I felt (and mostly less bitchy, more articulate and he doesn’t ramble as much). HOWEVER, it seems to be missing from his website. I’m assuming that since NOW he’s received a lot of flack about it (so he told me) that it’s gone. Jaffo, you big skunk, put it back up there and fuck what other people say. How am I supposed to worship the ground you walk on if you act like a big dork?
Lets see, nothing else really going on at the moment. LWE is this week and I meet the crew from Userfriendly which proves to be exciting. I have a date with a Ufie (ya well, heh) and other fun stuff is occurring.
In case you haven’t heard, Halo 13 has been released by Trent and the gang. Starfuckers, Inc. rocks my socks!

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