i’ve been /’d

Thyla and I worked on a secret project that ended up on slashdot (news for nerds. stuff that matters.). How cool is that? 🙂
Illiad (writer/cartoonist for UserFriendly) was so impressed, he is putting us up on the daily static. now is that rad or what:)
geeks on the loose (or how UserFriendly conquered San Jose)
Now that Linux World Expo has come and gone, my head has stopped hurting and I have worked through my hangover, so it’s safe to talk about LWE.
Linux World Expo, is in which all things that are Linux, was shown to the general public. Seminars on Linux security, training and installation was yours for a low low price of 300 dollars. I on the other hand am a cheap wench, and got the free exhibitors only pass and spent time schmoozing and yucking it up with all the other Ufies.
Where to begin, where to begin.
Basically, if it were not for Linus’ keynote speech Tuesday afternoon, i may not have learned /anything/. While there were many many new cool things (such as VA Systemspre-installed linux machines and Linnea, the embedded Linux hardware), I unfortunately spent much of my time getting to know all the lovely people from Userfriendly as well as drinking.
Did I mention drinking?
It started at Pizza A-Go-Go Tuesday afternoon and didn’t stop until after we left the IDG Open Book party nearly 12 hours later. Slashdot (along with Andover) hosted the “Get Sloshed with Slashdot” party and with free Guinness and Harps abound (which makes for PERFECT Black/Tans). I think it’s best that I just list the more interesting of the events:

  • Signing Iambe’s left boob “Lisha was here” at the UF booth
  • Flashing Iambe in front of everyone at the UF Booth
  • Getting hugged by Illiad (he gives the best hugs!)
  • doing the wave before Linus’ keynote.
  • doing the conga at the get sloshed with /. party
  • Noting that geeks cannot:
    • dance
    • tell jokes
    • approach girls
  • being chased around the courtyard by arcterex
  • swapping email addresses with some guy (now THATS geek luv in the 90’s!)
  • jumping up onto a cement wall, going OVER the wall and landing on my head. *ouch* I flashed all of SJ in the process. (forgot i was wearing a skirt). Much ado about nothing as I stumbled up with some kind Ufie males help and we sauntered off to the IDG Open-book party.
  • Ice, telephone cords and my bra bring new meaning.
  • Standing on the corner swapping spit with various Ufies left and right. (names will not be given to protect the innocent)
  • alpha testing
  • being “sold” to Moe for a carton of GPC’s
  • being sold again to another Ufie for a 2 liter of coke and strawberry charleston chew (me thinks my pimp is being to “generous” with my services)
  • Flirting with a greg dulli look alike (he has a thing for tall leggy brunettes)

This was just Tuesday night, by the way. 
All and all a good time was had by all. Hugs and kisses went around to everyone as we all cried because of the friendships that were instantly formed and the bondage that was increased threefold by our presence.
I miss everyone very much. Looking forward to Atlanta Linux Showcase in October to see everyone and rile up Atlanta with our antics.
which brings me too —
moving on up
I finally made a fucking decision on where I’m moving to in Virginia.
After a marathon long conversation with my friend Graham (British, tall and a geek *drool*) we started out with me bitching and ranting about making a decision and ended up with him talking me through installing WindowMaker .60 (the poor machine couldn’t handle me not touching it for so long, i ended up wiping it and installing Mandrake Linux). However, with him (as it is for me) school is a big factor in this and as Old Dominion University already gave me the green light on attending, which way was I supposed to go?
Obviously up. many many many people have been subjected to my wild mood swings as it were as i couldn’t, for the life of me, make a concrete decision. Iambe almost had me half moved to Vancouver, until the powers that be (namely my own conscious) decided that I had to go to Virginia.
There are many many many reasons why I choose Virginia, but, regardless of it all, the main one is my absolute need to be in the eastern time zone again. I have no idea /why/ this is to be so, but, even though I got accepted to many other fine institutions across the country, ODU and Virginia (and not forgetting my best friend is whom I’m going to be bunking with).
The Lisa Caravan pulls out of Oakland on October 8th (roughly) and landing in Atlanta on the 12th. There I will meet up with other Ufies as we prepare to party like it’s 1999 (wait! it is 1999!!) for ALS. I’m also going to be meeting someone very special in Atlanta (i’ll be bringing the whipped cream and cellophane for sure) and hopefully for once things will go right.
but this is me we are talking about here so probably not.
however, i’m very confident that i’ll see as much of ALS as I did LWE.
and this will be a good thing.
mein inneres gehört ihnen immer.
nicht überhaupt vergessen sie das.
ich leibe dich.

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