I’m no longer slinging coffee for jesus.

One of the managers called me and said that they were no longer requiring my services and that it was not working out.
Did not say the real reason, at least to me.
What they said they were receiving far too many customer complaints about me but! if you would have said this to me 6 months ago I would have agreed I was angry and rude and depressed. I would have said “yes, you are right.” ┬áBecause that is the place I was in then and that I knew to be true. I COULD NOT DENY that to be true.
But this time it does not feel right. It feels really false, like there are other reasons and this is the one they are using.
The part that scares me the most is either I’m either REALLY REALLY blind to how I greet/treat people and am in deep denial or else there is something else going on, which I’ve felt happening since they came back on vacation awhile ago as I had prepared myself to be fired then when I told one manager that the other had been quite rude to me – like had me almost in tears. Then they both confronted me about it afterwards talking about how they had said it “with love.”. Then there was the time the one manager literally yelled at me when I said I had a headache (from the pinched nerve in my back) and started talking about how I was screwing her over just like everyone else screws her over, even though i stayed on when i felt like I was going to throw up.
I was getting worried lately about their whole passive-aggressive behavior.
So is it me?
Is it?