in a mood

oh, i’m in a MOOD.
FIrst, I am walking to class this morning and i keep hearing this “clopping” noise when I walk and I can’t figure out what the hell it is. So I happen to pick up my right foot and see that the rubber bottom of my boot has fallen off — somewhere and hence what i’m hearing is the echoing from inside the heel! Wonderful! Just peachy.
Second! on the way home, I encounter a crazy ass semi-driver who nearly ran me off the road. I was travelling on 131 which is a highway that runs N/S and we were coming off the S-curve (which is ironicaly, apparently, one of the worse curves in the midwest or something assinine) and I was in the far left lane and he kept trying to get into my spot. I’m honking the horn and the jackass keeps drifting towards me. Now I own a tupperware car (saturn) but i’d like to at least you know, LIVE for awhile. Man, i was so fucking pissed that when i was able to finally pass him, i opened my window and flipped him the bird. GOD.
Good news is:
Zelda:Ocarina of Time for GC has shipped early!
I was able to find a pair of boots at that seemingly would fit AND get 25% off (hey, i’ve been looking for boots for months, and now that they are pushing summer season on us, like this is a miracle i could find a pair)
AND is having this fantastic sale where you get 30% off the lowest marked price. I just got two jackets (one was originally 90 and the other 70) for 35 and 14 bucks a piece! The one jacket I really really really wanted which was 180 bucks marked down to 35 i didn’t get. I’m still debating on it as we speak.
toddles off to class.