Issue #2 – Because It’s Christmas

Dear Internet,
Yes, you are perfect. You’re absolutely amazing and if you’ve not watched Love Actually yet this holiday season, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Also oops. Major oops. Completely and utterly forgot to send the newsletter out this week but thankfully was reminded not too terribly late by the latest missive from Two Bossy Dames. (You should go subscribe to Margaret and Sophie’s newsletter and NOT because I will be listed in it next week.)
On with the show!

Some big news this week at Skaldic Press!
I finally have a pre-order date set at Amazon for my first book, The Lisa Chronicles Vol 1: 1998! I haven’t thought too much about using other non-brick and mortar retailers other than Amazon, but I’m sure that will be an option. I am also going to have a print copy made available at least so I can physically hold my book. Keep watching this space for more info as it happens!
I’ll be working hard on editing the damned thing to get it prepped for the January 31 sale date. From now until the January 21st editing deadline date, I will be like this:

Actually, that’s not true. Now that I’ve started the editing process, it’s more like:

The first volume is my online journal from 1998. I put the archives up on EPbaB last year, first time in nearly a decade they were back online, for completist sake. However in the current format, and with nearly 1000 (lengthy) posts on the site, the archives are not getting read anymore. But in eBook form? Perhaps! Plus I need a way to make a passive income while I write the great Canadian-American novel.

What can you expect from the first volume? Love, conflict, obsessions with people, places, and things. Rotating cast of characters and adventures. Sprinkle of song lyrics here and there. Pop culture references galore. Sex. More sex. Profane words and a bipolar girl desperate to connect with a world she did not understand.
tl;dr The Lisa Chronicles Vol 1: 1998 comes out on January 31, 2015. It’s a very true memoir of a single year in San Francisco during the height of the dot com boom. While it will remain free on my site, if you wish to read it in eBook form, you can buy it from Amazon for $2.99. It may be available from other eRetailers shortly after and also possibly in print.

Remember, submissions are still currently being accepted! Don’t forget they cannot be any longer than 500 words! If you would like more information on so glad is my heart, check out the ‘zine’s about page.

This is me while I write. Naturally.
Here are new posts at Exit, Pursued by a Bear from this past week:

That’s it for this week. Have a great holiday and I’ll see you here next week!