Issue #3 The Meet Cute

Dear Internet,
Happy Svein Forkbeard Day! Happy Saturnalia! Happy Festivus! Okay fine, Merry fucking Christmas! Happy Kalends of January! Happy New Year!  The holidays are always slow going for me but at least this can be fixed with great gifs from The Holiday.

How can you not love Kate Winslet?

The holiday weeks have been pretty sloth-like in terms of work but I’ve been plodding away at getting at least the line edits done. The book is a hot mess, there is no two ways about it. Despite it being a hot mess, I’ve got a system worked out, pretty well I think, of doing line edits with an orange pen, and then marking the corrections in the digital file. This let’s me do both things at once and I am not getting burned out by one of the other.
As it has been, unsurprisingly, slow going and I expect that as time ticks on in the next few weeks, it’ll get even worse as the deadline draws near. I’ve also got plans to rewrite the forward and I still have to finish the glossary of terms that is going to be appendixed. I’m also thinking of redoing the cover and plus I have to figure out a promo items, PRing, and other fun things.
The other book I’ve plotted and that has been brewing in my brain, I need to just sit down and write. But honestly, with my living situation in a kerfuffle at the moment and not being settled until closer to the end of month, it will have to wait.
So! To recap!  The Lisa Chronicles Vol 1: 1998 comes out on January 31, 2015. It’s a very true memoir of a single year of my life in San Francisco during the height of the dot com boom. While it will remain free on my site in its original diary form, if you wish to read it in eBook, you can pre-order it from Amazon for $2.99. It may be available from other eRetailers shortly after and also possibly in print.

At least for future releases, I have a plan of sorts in place to make it more streamlined. But this is all very much hard work indeed.
Don’t forget that submissions are still currently being accepted for so glad is my heart! The submissions cannot be any longer than 500 words and the visuals should be relevant to the ‘zines themes. If you would like more information, check out the ‘zine’s about page.
Jude Law as Napkin Man in The Holiday.

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That’s it for this holiday week and I’ll see you here soon!