Issue #5 – A Girl Likes To Be Crossed In Love Now And Then; It Gives Her Something To Think Of

Dear Internet,
It’s a Pride and Prejudice kind of day, so thus it shall be. YES, the 2005 version is my favorite and there is little you can do to convince me otherwise. So there.
Lots is going on this week, so let us get going before Wickham shows up and tries to steal our hearts.

Skaldic Press has been busy this week! My book, The Lisa Chronicles Vol. 1, is now officially on sale! I have calculated I’ve spent between 80-100 hours working on the eBook and print version, which IS coming soon. To say I’ve learned a lot is an understatement, but with this book now finished, I have a good grip on how to tackle Vol 2. Also, the print proof has shipped and hopefully there is very little for me to correct!

Big news! so glad is my heart is now listed in Duotrope! If you haven’t checked out Duotrope, and you’re a writer, you’re totally missing out! It’s a great service that provides zillions of markets for submission and also allows you to track your submissions. You can also track upcoming deadlines and themes. It’s a really great resource.
Also! so glad is my heart is set to start publishing on February 16th and we’re still accepting submissions!

Here are new posts at Exit, Pursued by a Bear from the last time we met:

And with that, I bid you adieu until we meet again.