It turns out that Amish romance novels are neither Amish nor romantic.

Christopher Walken knitting wins the internets today.

Dear Internet,
Today was the day we were to start our week of museuming while TheMIL is in town, but no one was seemingly getting their shit together to go at a reasonable manner, which was not necessarily a bad thing. Well. I fly out of bed this morning, take a shower, put on bra AND pants, so I am a bit miffed at being over dressed at Throbbing Manor while MIL and TheHusband hang out in their jimjams. I’ve been assured dinner is going to be out of the house at some point this evening but it’s slowly ticking into the dining hour and no one else, but me, is apparently ready to rumble for dinner. And I’m starving.
And grumpy.
If you’ve been following me along on Twitter at all today, you know I’ve been raging against yet another white, privileged, middle class male who decreed on his blog that having a code of conduct in place for conferences was akin to the thought and moral police dampening our right to free speech. In addition to the every growing commentary, I’m especially fond of the person who responded to one of my comments that,

You got issues. Don’t know what earth you live on, but most white men I know keep their hands to themselves and respect their colleagues. Sorry for whatever the fu …. happened to you but like I said, you got issues. Maybe it’s time to deal with them. Let go that anger.

I can’t even. I’ll let Dolly do it for me more succinctly:
As of this posting, there are four very well thought of pieces in response to the originating post  by Andrew, Nina, Kate, and Matthew. I’m still on the fence about writing up a post of my own, but even if I don’t, all of these (including the originating post) will get added to annotated round up for January.
I’ve decided to get off of Twitter,  and maybe the internets, for the rest of the night. One can only take so much willful, hateful ignorance in one go. Let’s hope to a better tomorrow.
P.S. Title today comes from LOL My Thesis.
P.P.S. Why are trolls so afraid to post under their real names? Are they not MAN ENOUGH to back up what they are saying? Just a thought.
P.P.P.S. Edit: 1/2/2014  Will Manley took his site off line, claiming it was part of his “new years, new goals.” Earlier in the day of 1/1/2014, his site was still accessible via Google webcache. As of the morning of 1/2/2014, the cache has been wiped. When I find articles to add to my weekly link roundup or for future use, I save them in Pocket, which I thankfully did for Mr. Manley’s. Sadly, the comments have not been saved.