King of the Road: Miguel Part VII

In discussion with Miguel about his ex who refused to shave her pussy, I said “Well I shave.”
“I know you do.”
“You do? How??”
What happened was on saturday night, darkdepths, myself, Miguel, my brother and his roommate were all at Stake and Shake. My brother, out of no-where, starts talking about how I have my outer labias done and proceeds to tell Miguel where the website. GRANTED, I just re-met up with Miguel about 2 hours before for the first time in TEN FUCKING YEARS! Talk about selling your sister out. Anyways, Miguel apparently called his idiot brother Alex on the phone (Alex, who the dumbfuck installed Win2k Pro on Miguel’s 4gig machine without reformating the machine and leaving 98 along with all the spyware installed still on it) and had Alex look me up on the internet and found all the piercing/tattoo pictures in all their glory. ๐Ÿ™‚ We laughed about that one. Tonight I just came home and checked with my search engine I have installed and someone was looking for “Michael” which is the Americanized spelling of Miguel. If that is not his brother, than I don’t know who it would be even still, he is a DUMB FUCK!
I just got home about an hour ago and I had a LOT of fun. Wow, didn’t know spending 16 hours in a cab with someone i used to date could be so awesome. It was weird getting into my little car again after being up so high and travelling MI->IN->IL and back again.
We hauled down a container filled with bowling alley parts headed for Spain. Dropped those off at a railroad yard, picked up another empty trailer and went and got steel. Hauled that back up to MI to Spring Lake (which is between Grand Haven and Muskegon on the west side of the state, about 40 miles from GR) and came home. I’m tired as all get out.
So what the hell do you talk about for 16 hours?
How about everything under the sun. He kept repeating “I should have NEVER broken up with you. I forgot how great you are. Plus you give awesome head.” My mouth expertise apparently was still kicking it 10 years ago and he blamed me for many a night ruined because he compared the current girls to me. HAH! I was smirking for about 10 miles on that little piece of information.
But he couldn’t get past the tattoos. Round and round we went on that one. He said while he hangs out with people who have them, he doesn’t date them. It’s a catch-22 with him on that one. He said I did for attention and I told him over and over again the same things I told him before. Then I finally flipped the tables on him and told him, “Look, you are a gregarious guy. You walk in to a bar, a restaurant, somewhere and you are out shaking your hand and you are meeting people. You saw me at the pool hall sunday night, I sit and people watch.
I sip my beer. I observe as it were. You on the other hand, EVERYONE knows you. It was like that back when we were first dating and it’s the same way now.” Finally hit home with him on that one. He kept talking about “cute” tattoos and some fucking dolphin diving into the waves and i kept sticking my tongue out. FInally I got sick of the teasing and told him that he needs to get that fucking dolphin tattooed on his fat belly since he had enough stomach to cover a whole ocean.
That’s when he told me he liked saucy girls. LOL
He couldn’t get over the fucking tattoos. I sat in my chair all prim and proper and said “I am a Beautiful Girl and I don’t need validation from you or anyone else about what is on my body. If you don’t like it or can’t deal with it, then I don’t want to be with you.”
He looked at me steadily for a long time.
He said “You are a very beautiful girl. A beautiful girl. Very pretty. You’re right. I need to be a man.”
What’s to happen?
Who knows.
He just kept telling me over and over again how much he missed me. How much of an impact I’ve made on his life in the last few days. How much I mean to him. WHY THE HELL DID WE BREAK UP?
It was a very intense 16 hours. Very intense.
I’m positive and stronger.
This was the right decision.

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