kmart is just so goff

it’s weird being on this laptop after not having used it for nearly three months. It was my main machine of choice once my old desktop went up to become the file server/firewall/router for our little home network.
Paul and I combined have 5 desktops and three latops.
Plus we are looking at getting me an imac in the future with an almost even split between windows/mac/linux boxes.
I’m attempting to upgrade the desktop i currently use right now to winME final version, however, it’s not working properly and I’m going to have to bitch someone soon.
Our “server” room is a mess. a 14×12 room that is technically a bedroom that has two 8′ tables for desks. two good size bookcases and two 300 each cd racks.
and it’s a mess. Along with boxes of old computer crap we picked up from Signe. I would dare say I’m the only one in America with a cisco 2501 router sitting underneath the sink in their bathroom.
plus i know how to use it.
i love my job.