lib schooled: first month impression

I have to warn you that I’m currently battling laryngitis, I had a root canal finished today and I’m also PMSing. To say I’m not in a good mood is an understatement. I am also existing on only several hours of sleep at the moment as for some reason I could not get to bed at a decent hour last night AND had to get up at 5:30 AM to boot. So, there is that. So this post is more of a reminder of stuff I want to write about over a real “content” post, but it still has content, with most of it stemming from my first month in lib school.

  1. The work load is enormous. When they said that each class requires 3-4 hours of study time per credit hour (and I’m taking nine credit hours this fall), I thought they were joking. They were not, it seems, joking. The sheer amount of reading and participating is so overwhelming that it seems that all I do is homework. When ever I can get a free minute to study, I grab it. Except for tonight, with the whole root canal/laryngitis thing going on, totally understandable. And coupled with the reading is the projects and not only the projects but the side work that is to be completed as well (and observations and interviewing and so on). I’m so overly stressed right now that I have cut back my working hours from 40 to 32, effectively immediately, just to get a breather in. I don’t think I’ll ever really get caught up. I mean, I know I will if I continue on the path that I am on but seriously, I’m just like say whoa.
  2. This blog isn’t just about lib school, it is also about other diversions that I have going on right now that I have yet to write about (shame on me). Two of the main ones are going gluten-free and knitting. Several years ago, I discovered I was sensitive to a large number of foods. After going on a fairly strict diet for a few months featuring the foods I could eat, I felt a tons better and lost nearly 20lbs. For the first time in a long time, my stomach wasn’t giving me shit anymore. Then I met TheEx and I forwent my diet for love. Well big mistake on the forwenting part, because I’ve been feeling physically awful (more or less) for the last six months (longer but more noticeable shortly after the ex and I split) and of course the weight steadily came back. One of the big sensitivities was gluten and things have been MUCH better since I went gluten-free, again. More on this later.
  3. Dating. Last week I had a number of people attempt to fix me up with guys they think I may find interesting — which is all well and good but where is the freakin’ TIME to date these wundermen? There isn’t any, is the problem. If I can’t find time to shave my legs, then how am I supposed to work in these said dates? Last night I was mulling over this problem (i.e.: I’d like to start dating but when do I have the time conundrum) and realized that while I may feel pretty good overall, I don’t feel particularly sexy. I live in jeans, t-shirts and cardigan sweaters (of which I have a plethora). And while I may feel awesome about my self-image, not feeling sexy means I don’t want/think anyone will find me sexy in said wardrobe. This was a startling revelation to me last night and right now I’m not about to start getting out the hooker gear to get a man. The man can wait until I’ve progressed more in this degree. Also, I browsed through a week or two ago and went, “Ew.” So, there is that.
  4. I’ve taken up knitting in a big way again, after finding a number of projects via Ravelry that are not scarves. I’ve only knitted two projects and I’m so every looking forward to creating something new.
  5. I’ve also been itching to work on some new pop-up ideas. I’ve been thinking about creating pop-ups for family and friends for the holidays but I can’t remember where the hell my stuff is at — other than packed in one of the gazillion boxes in the basement.

And with that, I bid you adieu.