licked out of ice

IJshockey in badpak / Ice-hockeying women in bathing suits
Ice-hockeying women in bathing suits. Minneapolis, USA, 1925. Courtesy of The Commons, Flickr.

Dear Internet,
I’ve been hooked on using IFTTT lately and have been intrigued by some of the recipes that have popped up. One such example is to have a random Wikipedia article sent to Feedly every morning to increase my general knowledge. I thought this was exceptionally brilliant as TheHusband and I play team trivia on occasion and any edge is a good edge.  Today’s article was about Thorarinn Leifsson, an Icelandic artist and illustrator whose done a few graphic novels that seem up my alley. Problem is, his site is under construction and his books sites have been taken over by spam. His work has apparently been printed in English, but I’m only able to find German copies at Amazon US and Amazon UK. If anyone has any leads to reasonably priced copies, in English, that would be fabulous.
An interlude:

This morning was glacial, as I dilly dallyed about, spending time reading while I ate breakfast and then continue to read long after the last bite had been swallowed. Work was slow, because no one is around on Friday. I did end up going to lunch with Work Husband #1, which was fun. Sometimes it’s comforting to hear that how I feel about things is echoed by others.
TheHusband came home tonight after spending the last month up at Throbbing Cabin, directing the renovations that have been going on. He’s been luxuriating in all the comforts of the 21st century since he’s been home. We ended up at a chain BBQ place late for dinner and had a really good night.  The family, TheHusband, myself, and Wednesday the Pug, were back together again.
Overall, my mood was pretty good and even. Dr. P.’s suggestion of taking Klonopin at 7PM seems to be working. I had my 8 oz Red Bull in the morning, a few sodas at lunch and nothing for the rest of the day. To make sure that my body is not so dependent on caffeine, in the late afternoon, it’s no caffeine. I’m bringing Shirley Temples back.
In other news and world reports, I also applied to write for No Flying No Tights.
Some days, it is all about the banality of day to day life. And that is totally okay.
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