make you sweat

several months ago, shelly told me that she had started a diet. nearly two months later and 20lbs thinner, i had to admire her courage. we’ve become this secret society of women who compare fat/calories and carbs as we work our weigh to a thinner “us.”
i completely admire shell for her dedication for doing what she thinks is right for. everytime she puts her mind to something and goes for it, she gets it. i wish her a long and healthy success on doing this.
as many of you have known, i’ve long had a weight issue of my own. i’ve always been completely self-conscious about my body. My face I’ve never had a problem with — it’s always been my body.
So, I took upon shellys vigor and started working out (again). I’ve decided to do it everyday (like her) and alternate. One day do weights stretching/toning, the next day cardio exercises (ie: Tae Bo).
So, I close off the living room and start working out. I’m feeling good.
Right jab here, punch kick there, when we start doing side kicks.
I wore the WRONG underwear.
So it was left side kick, pull wedgie out of ass, right side kick, pull wedgie out of ass.
stir well and repeat.
justin walks in and sees me and starts laughing.
i get self-conscious and pull the underwear out of my ass, grab my bottle water and huff off.
but inside i was laughing because that was so me.
and i just thought i would share.

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