memphis or bust

in a little over (or under depending on the time frame your looking at here) 6 hours, my ass will be leaving this house to head for the airport. in a little over 8 hours, i’ll be on my merry little way heading to Memphis.
i’ve been getting a lot of flack from friends about packing — basically why do i wait till the last minute? really — i’ve never thought about being so advanced in getting it done.


it’s currently 4am in the morning and i just woke up. my roommate cathleen has informed that her bf Charlie (whose also another roommate) is out jogging and that cawfee is good to go. i just have to flip the pot on to make.
i’m sitting here freezing. i’m contemplating bringing a cardigan with me, knowing once i hit Memphis I’m gonna be sweating my balls off. oh well, who the hell cares. i just woke up. at least i slept. aren’t you proud of me Mike? Now I will be not so dead when I land in Memphis. We are going drinking tonight. He’s Irish, I’m German-Scotch — we will at least have alcohol in common.
for some reason i’m feeling strangely pessimistic. i’m all packed and all i have left is to take a shower and leave. i wish i could say i was worried about meeting him, but strangely i’m not. it just is. i can’t figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
but i’m nervous. 🙂
people are giving me shit about going. talking about how i’m gonna fall in love with mike or he’s gonna fall in love with me. i don’t know why you people be tripping. i haven’t met the guy yet and some people have my wedding all planned out down to bridal gowns. thanks. i appreciate that.
i’m anxious.
and i’m getting grumpy.
i need more cawfee.
i’ll see you all — when i get to Memphis.
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