i’m fed up.
Totally and completely fed up.
I had made some new aquaintances (if you will) over the last few weeks and had told them that I was strictly not looking to start a hot n heavy affair but rather i was looking to be friends with them. period. platonic. friendship. that’s it. I know no one in this area other than work related people, and while that’s fine i wanted to find people in my own genre who i could relate to you on a more lisa-type method.
there were a total of 3 people i’ve met over the few local mailing lists. all three saw my picture and of the 3…
There is an autor, named Paulo Coelho, whom I’ve recently discovered via the book “Veronika Decides to Die”. The books concept and preface seemed interesting, but it was upon futher investigation that Coelho is a prize winning author who has been wrting for nearly 20 years and is from Brazil. Appparenlty his books been…