moe sucks

the end.
and in other news
having no neighbors downstairs lasted approximately 12 hours.
we found out today via jen that new neighbors were already moving in. pauls talking about meeting them and indulging them into warez, pron and lan parties.
also, i finally got around to updating my CD list. i want to thank everyone (a tonne of people) who sent me CDs for my birthday. the funny thing (hahahah. hehehee. hohohoho.) is that since i’ve been adding any old cds to my list as i hear about them, for the most part, i have no idea who half these people are that i now proudly own. no matter. i’m thisclose to finally breaking the 300 barrier for my collection. we also spent the night watching 16 candles, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Breakfast Club, and Weird Science. What i need explained to me is: why do they have dvds of 16 candles and the breakfast club but NOT pretty in pink? there is no justice in this world.