i got a letter from my mother today. i’m not quit sure what to say considering i have not spoken to her in nearly a year. i have yet to read the letter though paul keeps pushing me to do so , thinking it would be good for me. however, i haven’t and he can’t read her chicken scratch so i’m leaving it at that for some time now.

  • the poll i did a few days ago on the design of the site rendered that everyone who emailed me (even non-subscribers, i was touched) said that the splash page idea was evil (if it is so evil, why do people keep doing it?) and that i need to update more. since i’m on the writing streak, i’m not having issues with the later or the former, but i’m finding myself stuck with design ideas. anyways, so that was interesting (which also helped in the ideas of doing the uber secret project being launched may 1, 2000 :).
  • a bug in the ios in SoCal rendered helpless today. Not my fault, not Moe’s fault and not anyones fault. Even though we were done for some considerable time. if you tried last night and were having issues, moe fucked up apache.conf and almost lost my website. moe also set up aimee for me as she kept losing her webspace.
  • pauls talking to himself. someone help. he and corey sat around the apartment being geeky, singing “lisa lisa the one i adore” and basically being idiots.
  • have i mentioned recently that i’m really bitchy and i’m about ready to rip someone’s head off and i can’t find a plausible action? to make it easier on my and everyone else, those who drive me insane have been put on my perm ignore list on irc. i know how can one let text get to them. i’ve been irc’ing since 1994 or something silly like that. ANYWAY, that isn’t the point. everyone is sick of me being angry, including paul and ESPECIALLY me.
  • is fucking down. bastards. how dare they do this to me. Anyways, books and cd’s recently bought:
    • The Eels “Electro Shock Blues”
    • The Eels “daisies of the galaxy”
    • belle and sebastian “tigermilk”
    • travis “the man who”
    • lincoln “lincoln”
    • and three new books. all of this will soon appear in the reviews section this weekend.

i can’t take feeling like this right now. i’m going to bed.