I once a had a roomate back when I was living in SF that would bitch about the cashier ringing up incorrect price on something and turned out that the item was mismarked and it was like 39 cents difference or something retarded. She went on for about 15 minutes about this 39 cents. I finally dug up the 39 cents and slammed it into her palm. Will this shut you up, I asked. She just looked at her hand and to me while her friend laughed. The woman had two degrees from UC Berkeley, you’d think she’d get a CLUE, why the fuck is she stressed about 39 fucking cents?
I have issues with people who use money or the price of objects to whine or complain. Like my aunts who consider 5 bucks for burger fries and a drink at a resturant (not fastfood) is expensive. But when they find out that I took my mother to a decent place and paid 80 bucks for dinner for the two of us, they got pissed I didn’t invite them.
Perhaps my value of the dollar is skewered, but I’m not impressed with people who have $$$$ and label drop, and on the same token, I can’t deal with people who think that Olive Garden is expensive and BITCH about how expensive it is.
I guess living with metro areas, I just got very tired very fast of everything being about who you had stuck to your back and how much money you had in your pocket. Hey, I got a platinum card too buddy but it doesn’t mean shit. And yah, I’ve been dirt poor but that don’t mean shit either.
I’m just really tired of people bitching about money. Houseguestfromhell upon hearing I was going to spend 35 at a salon to get a hair cut kept saying “Well, it’s YOUR money…” (Yah and she looks like she goes to a barber, wtf ever). When she asked about what happened with my pc and I gave her the links to pc’s I was eyeing she was like “That seems to be too pricey for my blood, but whatever”. Everything ends with “whatever” or “it’s your money” with her. And you know, I may be broke this week, and I know when I shop, I SHOP, but my bills are paid and i have a roof over my head, so what the fuck? And yah, I emailed and asked her what her issue was with the whole money thing. It’s driving me fucking crazy.
She’s also one of those people who say “I have an opinion on XYZ but I’ll keep it to myself” and I’m like, WHAT THE FUCK. Don’t say shit like that unless you plan on telling me. Danny is like that too. that shit drives me insane. If you have an opinion and you are not going to tell me, then don’t tell me you have an opinion! Jesus.
And it’s not just her either, it’s others. I’m really tired of people assuming, like my aunts, that because I have a trust fund, I’m rolling in it. One of my aunts called me last week because she was 250 short on rent and she was three months behind and had gotten all but the last 250. I wired her the money but it wasn’t JUST her, it’s been others who think that because I support my mother, I should/could/would support them too. Um, hello, it’s in Canadian dollars and it’s not worth THAT much. It’s essentially to pay for my living and school for the next two years and the rest will be put towards retirement. But when people hear “trust’ and “Fund” suddenly I’m this person with a silver spoon in her mouth. Hey you know, i’m really fucking sorry my dad DIED and left this to me when I was 28, but you know, whatever. Hey, it wasn’t that long ago I was robbing peter to pay paul but you know, people forget that.
so yah, you know, whatever. *snort*