Music: Soothes the savage beast

I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t important to me. The singer/songwriters ability to lift me up to the highest moutain and then bring me back down in despair has always been magical experience for me. The ability to cover words and emotions that I felt I was lacking or wasn’t able to express has been astounding, amazing or downright eerie.
Since I am unfortunately unable to carry a tune or even harmonize, I do however appreciate those that have that magical talent.
Over time, my music tastes have changed. I started out as a headbanging metal head, moved on to goth and dabbled in r&b and soul, only to flip around and now go back to the more hard core music, with enough depressive music to keep me satiated.
In college, I had the dubious notion of writing for the school paper, where I ended up becoming the Arts and Entertainment Editor as well as the On-Line editor of the rag. I had high hopes to eventually write for Rolling Stone as my goal 🙂 I expanded my interest in the music scene by dj’ing with friends at a public access station (i miss you guys!), interning/working at a commercial radio station and doing small by-lines for the local newspaper. Those years in college broadened my musical horizons so now short of country based artists, I am into “everything” (but then again who is not. But this is my page and I can do what the fuck I wish). My attitude towards buying cd’s is like books. There is soo much I want to hear, that I have decided to just start in the “A” section and go from there. My last big purchase was spending 120 bux at borders buying the rest of Sarah McLachlan cd’s that I didn’t have. (Plus new order and tori to boot!)

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