my first apartment

brought to you by fisher price.
No one is perhaps more surprised than myself to find out I have gotten approved for very my first apartment — ever. Perhaps the grin that cannot be wiped from my face or the fact that I am not backing down to neither Paul nor my brother also says it. But either way, the inevitable has happened and again no one is more surprised than yours truly.
My idea of my first apartment took hold when I was younger and wanted to go to college, graduate and then i would be young, single and living in the perfect loft ala NYC or Boston or London or Paris with the right hint of kitsch. I’d have the perfect job making 18 trillion dollars a year and I’d wear a size 8, not an 18. A string of beaus for the weekly outings and I’d make Carrie from “Sex and the City” green with jealousy.
You get the picture.
I did not think I would be 30, living in the burbs of DC, wrestling with a 20lb pug in the confines of my car while trying to take her to the vet. I did not think a lot of things would happen. I should be named “Murphy’s Law”. Nothing, ever, goes my way.
My very first apartment.
No roommates.
If I want to dance naked singing ABBA songs (which girl doesn’t?) or lounging naked watching tv, I can. If i choose to not do laundry for days on end and I’m out of clean underwear, no one is to blame but me for going commando. If I go on a date, there is no worry about someone being home, no person to kick out and no hassle of dealing with nosey questions. I can kiss said suitor at the door and tell him to buzz off if I choose. If i want to listen to bad 80s gangsta rap while cleaning my toilet I CAN. IF I WANT TO OPERATE A 24 HOUR CAM SHOWING NOTHING BUT HOT STEAMY SEX I CAN!
No more quiet phone calls, or dealing with other people’s messes or having to worry about “their” schedule and “their” time. No one is responsible for anything but me oh mine.
Electric, phone, DSL (which will be hooked up 1/13/02) have already been ordered. Cable tv will be determined by budget and as I have no tivo since it’s pieced out right now and I’ll probably get one when I move (you know, so i can record those oh so special moments).
I have no furniture, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Things will work out. I just need to figure out how to drug 3 pugs for 10 hr drive.
PS: I’ll be sending out new address updates with new phone and home address. Everything right now is going to my brothers and I’m going to pick it up then.