Okay guys, need your help

everyone say hi to tiglore.
We met up on yahoo personals and have finally decided to meet up — however we can’t think of what to do. Im’ ixnaying inside stuff (for the most part) because after spending 3+ hours on the phone today and countless hours chatting online, we spent most of the voice time being geeky and talking about our respective pets.
Last night we spent a few hours looking for things to do and came up with extreme sports (nah), Elvis’ Car Road Show (nawww). We’re looking for something fun and creative to do and that will take pressure off of the first meeting but we’re not like shut indoors in a movie or something. We both dislike (for the most part) seafood and remember he’s a geek and i’m a geekette and well, 🙂
Ideas? Options?
ps: he owns two tivos and has more gadgets than me and has read terry pratchett. albeit he’s not perfect, he’s not british! :p