[patrick-free post]

I’ve noticed when the shit hits the fan, I don’t talk about it on LJ. I seem to be arch typical of most LJ’s out there.
Patrick is an alcoholic.
I’ve been suspicious about this for awhile. Talked to my mom about it and one other person recently.
Patrick and I were on the phone till 6:30am talking about it this morning. It started out with my litany of reasons why I was nervous about the whole probability of moving to Denver. His drinking was number 4. I told him that under no circumstances could I be with someone who uses alcohol as a crutch. I told him I cannot conceive of uprooting my life yet again and moving 1100 miles to be with someone where I WILL get sucked into the whole “taking care of” mode and watch not only my life but myself and HIS life go spiraling out of control even more so. He said he respected that decision and he wanted me to run far away as fast as I can if I feel this strongly about it.
I’m still going to Denver on Friday, this is serious shit that needs be talked about face to face, not at 6:30am on the phone.
Not sure what I’m going to do yet or what we are going to do yet.
We’ll just leave it at that.