pink and red

last night i was supposed to do a cut over for a customer at 4am EST, which thankfully never happened.
but thanks to the part i was supposed to do the cut, i took today off for a ‘personal’ day because i felt like i was on the verge of killing people. good thing too.
so i went to ikea and blew 400 on stuff for the house (including a kandinsky print for paul).
i’ve retired the powerpuff bathroom gear and now my bathroom is bright as fuck. i also bought new duvet cover in red and pink and bought brand new pink sheets. paul said he wanted to spooge all over the sheets just so i could get rid of him. i’ll take pictures tomorrow, because it really is bright.
we also rented ‘best in show’ which was supposed to be funny, but it’s only saving grace was that it had parker posey in it. i do realise that it’s a parody but, it really isn’t all that funny.
now i get to go brush my teeth with my sonic toothbrush.
for a friday night, i’m living large!