post script

Dear Internet,
Of course there would be. Have you not been paying attention?
Yes, I know I burned my bridges and I burned them hard. But I had to. We agreed on no more uniltateral decisions but we could not compromise when we discussed it, so I had to make a choice, so I did.
Yes, I blocked him across various social media and on my phone but I did that so I wouldn’t break the glass.
So I would not break the glass.
The temptation that he’s out there, so easily found, is too great. Our chemistry is so strong, that being friends was out of the picture. Our pink parts needed to be near each other, our hands needed to be on the other, our lips needed to be bruised. We were consumed.
I was drowning.
Some of us, like me, like him, want this heady love where passion rules over most of all else. Where you become a church of adoration that only allows two members. We want all the trappings that come with that kind of passion.
But, this is a very big but, this kind of love is almost never sustainable. At some point, one or both of you realise that the love turns into an obsession, and later, to an unearthly possession. It’s not so much about what he’s done or I done, while neither of us are perfect, but more about how to protect myself from losing myself.
We were each other’s kryptonite.
We crammed more love in a short amount of time then most get in a lifetime. We were lucky and grateful to have found each other twice, and my soul will always be marked by him.
Don’t you dare think for a moment this isn’t painful, this doesn’t hurt, and that I took this lightly.
I will mourn and I will grieve.
P.S. Yesterday’s piece is the second most viewed piece on this site, ever. You lot love the heartbreak, don’t you?

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