scary house with the wild front yard

Batty Langley Lodge, Ireland via Janke Kloss on Flickr

scary house
How I imagine others see our house.
(Batty Langley Lodge, Ireland via Janke Kloss on Flickr)

Dear Internet,
Today I taught two classes back to back, which meant I was on my feet for about five hours straight with no breaks. As soon as I could cut out of work, I came home, got ready for the following day. By 5:30PM, I was reclining with my foot propped up with an ice pack on it, hot cocoa on the table, ThePug at my left hip, and my stories on the TV screen. My goals tonight were well, none. My original plans were to finish up prep work for work projects buuut those got canceled when the due dates got pushed or canceled.
Sometimes it’s hard to dial back to learning how to relax, how to disconnect from the world. I was able to catch up on DVR’d shows, catch up on personal email, and just live in the moment.
Because sometimes all you just need  is hot cocoa, your dog by your side, and your stories on the TV screen.

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