small perfect moments need recording too, part II

Miranda Hart is my hero
Miranda Hart is my hero

Dear Internet,
I am coming down with the plague. It’s been hovering like a helicopter parent for the last few weeks and doing nothing but pissing me off while making me feel like crap, so double bonus! Throw in some blood wolves rage and I’ve got all the bases covered.
Being a female is BRILLIANT.1
While I drugged up heavily this morning, my vapors to-ing and fro-ing, leaving me to finally woman up and make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow for the good drugs. I also canceled my plans for the evening, which makes me sad, but I am feeling like death warmed over and I’d rather make it up to them when I’m feeling 100% rather than shuffling to their house with scarf around my neck, Vapor rub on my chest, and Kleenex up my nose.
I was, however, having a good spell earlier this afternoon, while the drugs were coursing through my veins, so I opted to still meet up with Sara for lunch. No amount of wasabi in on my sushi could clear my sinuses, I’m that stuffed.
Sara and I had planned this day for while now, with her being a new mom and my schedule so weird, and getting together with her is always hard. I debated about ditching her after lunch and coming straight home, but her charm won over my sniffles and we ended up having a grand time over the course of the day.
I was able to exchange recently purchased bras for new ones that fit — and if someone can explain to me how bras purchased six months ago, at the same weight and size I am now, fit just fine then AND now but the same size purchased a few weeks ago does not, please let me know. In the exchange, I had to go up a band size and am now a 44DD. Sara thought it was cute since I could still buy “regular bras.” She’s a 40F.
Tit slings, gotta have ’em.
We made pit stops through various stores, while I stocked up on items I’ll need for the upcoming year. I’m in hoarding mode right now, and yes this still a teaser until I get official words on things. WHICH STILL HAS NOT HAPPENED. But once I do, I’ll fess up to what’s going on.
To top off a rather grand day, I picked up Le Kabob for dinner. Cut me open and my veins will bleed hummus and whipped garlic.
Despite the rain, and the cold (how is it May 1?), and the sniffles, today was the second grand day in a row. While it’s rare to have a great day, it’s a unicorn fart to have two in a row. I’m being mindful to write down these days so when I go head long into depression again, I can use them as touchstones. I always need reminders to be grateful.
I took tomorrow off because of the plague, and with my late scheduled doctor’s appointment, that means I get to sleep in late, which I haven’ t done in weeks.
It looks like a three bender is going to happen.

This day in Lisa-Universe: 2012

1. Actually, it is BRILLIANT. Just not today.