So here is the deal.

I had not heard from Patrick in two days. Since we speak 3-5x a day either by phone, TeamSpeak or IM, this was obviously highly unusual. Phone calls, IMs and txt messages went unanswered.
He proceeds to IM me a few hours ago, detailing his disapparence. He, allegedly, went drinking last night (alone), got intoxicated to the point he could not drive. He called a taxi. A taxi never showed up (allegedly). He then proceeded to DRIVE home. Going a few short blocks, he pulled his car over when the police apparently showed up. He was then arrested for “public intoxication” and sent to detox for 18 hours.
Um, yah.
He called me and I told him I furious — furious enough to not comment about this little escapade. A few hours later he IM’s me to tell me he’s sorry he’s hurt me, and he wants my support and love. “For what?” I ask. “To be there for me an all.” I retorted with this:
If you want to be with me, You have to get your shit together and I don’t mean just the drinking.
I love you Patrick, a lot, but I can’t sit idly by watching you make a train wreck of your life.
And this can’t be a flip comment, you’ve seriously got to think about what you want from me, your life, our relationship. And I’ll support you 100 percent on anything you want to do with your life, no matter what but I can’t support you while you deconstrcut yourself and our relationship.

He said he’s “thinking.”
I see.