space invaderz

it’s after 12am but i still consider it friday night — which it is as time is relative and it’s only pertains to what we want it to pertain to. right. so it’s friday night and rob has just left. moe and alisha had left earlier after we were all hanging out watching porn (on channel 495 — the TEN network, thanks) and critiquing what we were seeing. Alisha surprised us by naming the fleshy party between the labia (basically your clit) by calling it “roast beef” when a some what money shot showed the nether regions of some perky young babe.
I don’t know what it is about some of the porn we watch but the women look bored and lack any kind of immagination. Why do porn if your heart isn’t going to be into it. I know, big shocker, it’s the money. But fuck, if i was getting into porn, i would all be up in that shit. Or at least faking it. The four of us discussed about directing and starring in our own porn videos. Thankfully, some of them have actually got the training to direct/produce so it wouldn’t be that hard. Scary thought.
But I will pay homage to three of my greatest porn links that I think everyone should buy from:
Btw, i’m in the market for really good still of vintage porn. Pre- Betty if you will. Digital or analog is fine. If anyone knows of any place, let me know. thanks.