spilling my guts

I am now writing at http://tinyletter.com/amostunreliablenarrator/.

Most of my visitors these days come from RSS feeds or Google searches. Hits do spike when I post since I cross-post everywhere but traffic has been lacking for awhile. Back in internet youth, word of mouth and lack of content like mine gave me an edge but 20 years on, well, content is queen and competing is far too hard. My only “brand” is myself and there are so many people with much more trainwreck lives I am not so special anymore.
So, a few weeks ago I made the grand decision to start spilling my guts over at http://tinyletter.com/amostunreliablenarrator/. The decision was painful but I have to accept people aren’t reading blogs anymore — it’s all newsletters now — and I want to keep writing but I want — no I need — to get my voice out to as many people as possible. Newsletters it is.
The archives, with a banner stating where I’m at now, are now the landing page on exitpursuedbyabear.net. Any social media has been updated to reflect the new link.
So I hope you join me. I miss you and I hope you’ve been missing me too.