Stars formed out of its sparks

Dear Internet,
Our plan to go up to the cabin on December 18 and come back on December 23 was curtailed by Draco. The area where the cabin is located was expected to get over a foot of snow within a 24 hour time frame starting on Saturday, but the storm warnings were moved back to Friday morning, then late Thrusday afternoon, to early (3AM) Thursday morning. We left to head back home Wednesday afternoon.
The plan was to go up, hauling items for the cabin, start doing the renovations that we could do, come back down to Grand Rapids before Christmas, and lastly, have a local to the cabin company come out and winterize it after December 25th. We got so far as getting up there, dumping items bought for the cabin, getting water, heat, electric, and Internet running, with TheHusband able to put in a new lock and then it was time to come home. I don’t know who was more upset about this prospect, him or I, but having just read that nearly a foot of snow has landed up there in two short days, I’m glad we came home.
The cabin has heat, Internet, stove, running water, and even a dishwasher, but there is no fridge nor do we have any home furnishings like dishware, pots, pans, or even silverware that would have gotten us through the storm. We did toy with the idea of gutting it out, but several days stuck 10 miles from nowhere, without a lot of supplies, would not have been the smartest idea we’ve had.
So we’re home and milling about kind of aimlessly. Draco’s effect in GR has been underwhelming as we planned for 3-6″ of the white stuff to land on us before late Friday night only to see that none of that appeared. We’ve organized our time off (two weeks for him, three weeks for me) on things we want to do, but with the threat of Draco and potentiality of more bad weather, we’ve been sitting tight until the weather stabilize.
I’ve had one cup of tea on Thursday, Barry’s Tea to be exact, since I went caffeine free on Monday afternoon. As perdicted by the prescribing doc, I would get massive headaches. The headaches have been low and steady and sometimes there is a break, other times not so much. I’ve loaded up on caffeine free tea at the house, thinking about making hot chocolate my new jam, and trying to navigate the world of drinks without doing my head in. I’ve been drinking lots of water, but everything feels like a light hum in my brain right now.
I believe the Concerta is working, but I’m not sure by how much. The insomnia that Ritalin gave me is not as severe on the Concerta, so I’ve been opting to not take Klonopin at night. But on the flip side, I’m now waking either in the middle of the night for no reason, or earlier in the morning than usual. In either case, I’m unable to get back to bed. Around all of this going on, TheHusband and I started ramping up some vitamin supplements which I may stop because right now I’m feeling like I’m trying to do too many things at once.
I feel like everything is going grey right now.

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