strange currencies is up.
friday (2.12.99), i was standing outside of smoking my cigarette when this woman came up to me. she started talking about how for valentines day, her office holds a baking contest, where the first prize is $50 bucks. and after the contest, she says, they go into the lunch room and eat all the goodies. after she finished that sentence, she walked back into the building, leaving me standing there still staring at the space where she was standing. i turned around and stared at the building across the street, wondering if it was worth $400,000 dollars for a loft to live there.
every sunday morning, justin and i make pancakes and bacon. but just not regular pork bacon — oohhh no. we make Jenni-O turkey bacon (95% fat free!). we love this crap so much, we usually make 1 1/2 packages to 2 packages and then munch on it the rest of the day.
we were out of a few items, so i said i was going to the store. i skipped going to lucky’s, because i always get hit on, so instead i went to safeway. i was looking for potatoe soup to use in dinner tonight, when this little short woman (about 4’6″) asked me (6′) to grab a box of pie crusts for her. she thanked me and went on her way.
james says “hi!”
my friend james (who runs DarkNebula) invited justin and i to go on a trek to Yosemite today. however, the roads were so bad that they have closed down access and if you could make it up, they recommended snow chains.
the bitch punked out on us by emailing me later this morning to say that he wasn’t going to make it AND he wasn’t going to come over and spend V-Day with us — the bitch.
but he wanted me to send you his regards.
c:>format c:
i had gotten so frustrated with my software crashing on me, windows was having issues and my system was running so damn slow, that i bought a six pack of hefeweizen and moved everything off my c: drive to my other drives and zip. when that was all completed and i had no personal data left, i reformatted the fucker.
there is something almost pure about having a blank harddrive.
i copied my start-up files from a diskette onto c, and rebooted. it started giving me issues of “non-system diskette. please hit enter to reboot.” what the fuck? i rebooted and went into bios, and saw that it was attempting to boot from the cd-rom. changed the format of boot options and tried again. same error. i started with it booting from the a: drive. same error. i started to panic. i do this on a daily basis. i’ve done hundreds of machines this way — there should be no reason why it’s giving me error messages. i checked and re-checked everything over again. nothing is wrong or incorrect. i grabbed my sony restore disk. last ditch effort. however, i go with sony’s restore disk, and i’m stuck with fucking 95 (instead of 98) and all the bullshit crap they put on. in a very last ditch effort before giving up to the MAN i stick in the 98 cd-rom and pray. it boots and installs 98 effortlessly.
i have been saved.
now, i’m not some neophyte who doesn’t know what they are doing — i’ve been working with computers for eons (so it feels like). and i have done this type of thing a few thousand times — so imagine my perplexity that if this wasn’t working how fucked up that would be! well, for once i would like to thank god (b. gates) and the ability to boot off of cd-roms. mental note: cd-r burn more copies of winders 98 for personal use.
but the only thing i was really concerned about — was my taxes. i had done them via turbotax. after you submit the information, they tell you to check back within 24-48 hours and then finish it. well, i reformatted my computer, and saved my files. only when i re-installed turbotax, it wouldn’t accept my un-lock code — so off to calling Inuit to get the damn code and explain what was going on. the irony, is that while i’m waiting for tech support, i figure out how to get my old info back and finish with my taxes.
the really rad thing?
IRS is going to deposit my refund on or by 2.19.99. Now that is damn QUICK! 🙂 i’m not having issues with the MAN today!
i often write stuff and save it, never to be published in any format. such as i used to write for f.u.c.k., but it’s been nearly a year since i’ve given jericho anything. sometimes f.u.c.k. submissions became a entry update. and i’ve been writing in my journal more. i’ve got time to kill on BART — i need something to occupy me. i’ve been working on lisa 2000, but it’s not finished yet.
i just checked out the work in progress i started on a few weeks ago — i can’t believe i wrote so much in such a little time.
i hope to have it finished one day.
but in the interim, i’ll put up what i have.
erm, maybe not. i’m sick of hearing about 404 errors.
i’m audi 5000 g.