go braves!

The picture to your left is that of my brother (#5) after tonight’s pounding on Illinois State, 73-66.
the braves have had a long hard road in the past few months and I’ve been eagerly listening to their games via wmbd radio that has been broadcasting their games live every night. tonight was the only game I’ve sorta missed since we started listening since i had forgotten the game was starting at 5pm EST and not the usual 7-8pm EST.
But we caught the last four minutes of the game and I wooped loudly when i heard that they won. My own brother contributed 12-points, four blocks and seven rebounds. Jeff also has 76 blocks for the single season games, beating the old record at Bradley of 72.
Tomorrow night the braves go up against Indiana U. and will be broadcast on ESPN at 9pm EST.
I also emailed ESPN to correct them of their “error” that they show that my brother did not play tonight — he so did 😉
Congratulations jeff!
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Braves Standings @ ESPN
Jeff’s standings via ESPN