when we two parted

it starts out with an obsession.
it always does.
it starts out with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I was in desperate and determined need to get their new cd. Which turns out is not really new, it’s two years old but you know the music biz, what is new last year is not necessarily fresh at the time. So i hunt and hunt for the damn thing and can’t find it. I don’t want to buy it online because i want instant gratification of having it in my hot little hands asap.
i end up finding it at barnes and noble of all places, hidden at the back of the ‘b’ bin. i grab it greedily, somehow expecting that someone else wants it (well considering everywhere else it was gone …). I walked around and then took it up to the semi-cute cashier who kept raving about the greatness of said cd. I nodded in agreement and toyed with buying some remix cd of Verve singles and passed on it. I got into the car and put the cd in and shivered in delight. turns out i knew BRMC from several other songs other than the one i had originally bought them for.
I keep playing the cd over and over. I take it into work where I speak to cute-guy-at-work (who, btw, dissed me on my birthday for a concert, but i digress) and get him to listen to the said cd. He then starts raving about it and then I kick myself in the proverbial ass because BRMC has been to DC TWICE.