Insecticide! (Or how I may die)

Dear Internet,
When it comes to bugs inside of Throbbing Manor, I take a very druidic approach: They can hang out here as long as they are not going to damage anything or annoy me. If they keep their end of the bargin, I won’t kill them. Spiders hang out, I don’t scream like a banshee when I see something inching along the floor; all in all it’s a pretty symbolic relationship.
Until I saw this crawling across the wall the other day:

Boisea trivittata (Boxelder bug)

True to my word, I let it go on its merry little way.
Until I saw another one.
Until I saw a few more.
That night, TheHusband and I killed close to 20 of them and we haven’t stopped the killing since.
And the best part? They are ONLY in the master bedroom, the one room I’m in 98% of the day.
TheHusband did research and found the bugs are harmless, and not really invasive, mainly nuisences. According to University of Minnesota’s Department of Entomology:

They are most abundant during hot, dry summers when followed by warm springs.

Considering the weather we’ve been having this year, this makes total sense! It also explains why didn’t see them last year. We’ve identified that they are coming in through the sitting room windows in the master bedroom somehow. We’re not quite sure HOW but since there are boxelder bug carcases inbetween the double glass window panes, and every morning when we wake up, the floors look like a boxelder bug massacre occurred, that seems to be the most logical reason. And Wednesday? She can’t be arsed by all that is going on as long as she has her fan.
But the real fear is not the bugs themselves (UofM’s site says that what we see is all that we get, they do not nest in homes), but because my lackadaisical attitude towards bugs in the home has flipped 180 degrees and I’ve become an insect killing machine, TheHusband may one day find me covered like this: