50 Things To Do in 2016: 51 – ?

Dear Internet,
But what I need, what I believe everyone needs, is to plan for things and accomplishments in the next year. Some of them can be quite small and others can be amazingly large. One thing I totally want to kick ass at this year? Being silly. I’m goofy as hell but I need to be sillier more and t’ll help with my often crippling social anxiety. A couple of things you may also note in these lists: Nothing having to do with romance and no couple-y things. I’m on dating lockdown for at least a year. It’s all about me, baby! Here is my own 50 things to do in 2016 list,10 of which I’ll reveal over each day over the next 5 days. 
In case you missed it, here is 1 – 10, 11 – 20, 21 – 30, 31 – 40, 41 – 50
The list is called 50 Things to do in 2016 and yet here is 51 on forward. Well you know, once a girl scout always a girl scout. Honestly, the biggest goal is to break out of my (self-described) shell and be sillier, more fun, and (safe) risk taking. And as I find these things I want to do, I am going to keep on adding them to the list.
50 Things To Do in 2016: 51 – ?

  1. Color more
    1. I started coloring about a year ago and fell in love. But as new hobbies come and go, this one was put by the wayside when knitting picked back up. I’ve received a number of coloring books as gifts in the last year and I like the feeling I get when I finish a page, much like finishing a knitting project. This is a wonderful self-care method.
  2. Create a radical self-love bible
    1. Christ. It’s been a solid year since I started writing about this and it’s still on my mind. I purchased Gala’s book when she self-published it last year and started to work my way through it, but, like much of the projects I’ve started, I haven’t moved forward with this at all. But the one thing I have figured out is Gala’s book, along with other similar woo-woo feeling stuff, is mostly DBT. It’s all about self-soothing, self-care, and rewiring the brain. This is stuff I need to do.
  3. Do DBT 3x a week
    1. Did DBT come first or did the woo? Probably the woo but I have books written by revered shrinks who provide the science behind the woo and call it DBT. Does it work? Yes. So why in the fuck should I care if it’s “self-radical” or “DBT”? I don’t.
  4. Finish all the projects
    1. Well, as mentioned above, I have a hard time finishing started projects. I’ve listed several of them on this list (coloring, knitting) and as individual things and this as an overall thing.
  5. Dye hair a rad color
    1. My hair has been many a rad color but usually the bangs or highlight pieces. I’m thinking I want to do an overall color. Not sure yet.
  6. Pick up a new hobby or improve an old one
    1. Part of the #54, here I want to finish a knitting project, start/finish a complicated knitting project (#10),  and either move forward on improving this hobby or pick up a new one.
  7. Be courageous
    1. I know based on past events, people tend to think of me as already being courageous but I want to do more.
  8. Try to clear out my RSS list once a week
    1. I have 7500 (and growing!) articles begging to be read. With the exception of personal friends’ updates, I need to get this cleaned up.
  9. ?
  10. ?

coloring for adults

Dear Internet,
Recently I’ve taken up the hobby of coloring. TEH teases me if I would like apple sauce and juice for a snack. Hah. (I should also mention I’ve taken to sleeping with my teddy bear every night; apparently I’m regressing into childhood.) No matter! I’m finding coloring not only relaxing but also cheap. By printing off a few sheets from the Internet and using my already existing pencils, I can spend hours in front of the TV coloring. And! iIt’s also fun and has a low barrier for entry.
Here are some tips:
Finding and printing from the Internet is easy. (I’ve started a board on Pinterest to keep track of the ones I like. I can add people if they are interested in contributing.)
Make sure when printing you do not print them as a PDF but as an image (easier to control how it is printed). Also, make you have selected “fit one page” (or variant) so there is no cut off in the design.  To showcase my work, I print at 600dpi and save as a PNG to prevent compression. I resize in Photoshop and adjust the color since some brightness is lost.
I use Derwent Watercolor Pencils, which I had laying around. As I only have a 12 pack and some random pencils from another set which duplicate some of my Derwents, my palate is quite small. I recently obtained the Ohuhu® 48-color set but you are not obligated to use water color pencils or even pencils. You can use paints, markers, crayons, whatever. What makes this hobby so great is that you have most of the tools already at home.
I found I really like coloring in manadals and any design that is balanced. So I got a coloring book, Balance (Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders Volume 1), which will give me sharp and crisp outlines.
Crowd sourced tips:
Get an electrical sharpener.
Get a clipboard.
Below are three of my pièce de résistances:


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