Everything tastes better with a little X-Files thrown in

According to Comcast, their lowest cable package offers 22 channels, of which I’m actually getting 18 (and not the promised 22) and of those 18 channels, some of the selections are weird. Like I get Discovery Health and Style networks, which seems completely arbitrary, you know, why those channels? But I do get PBS and CBC, and have been raping and pillaging PBS and CBC for shows, primarily since they both offer British television shows and I was bitching and moaning on losing BBCA, AGAIN!
CBC offers British soap operas like Emmerdale and Coronation Street, however the interesting thing is, with Emmerdale at least, the offerings are FOUR YEARS behind. I started watching Emmerdale recently and did some research on the show — and now I know what’s going to happen, but you know what? It’s trashy and I like it. I apparently have conversation fodder for the MusicBoyfriend’s OAP1 father and uncle. Hah.
My brother turned me on to Corner Gas, a comedy based on small town prairie life in Saskatchewan. Now I’ve got this urge to sell everything and open a diner in the middle of nowhere. Kind of like Waitress meets Northern Exposure, with maybe a little X-Files thrown in. Everything tastes better with a little X-Files thrown in.
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