Happy Birthday

Today would have marked my Grandfather John’s 87th birthday. He died a few days before Christmas in 1996. My relationship with my grandfather can be found in the piece D3buck’s S0d Farm and Gift Shop.
Speaking of D3buck’s Sod Farm and Gift Shop, last summer i received a whacked out email from a woman who claimed to be a representative of the D3buck family. As in the same family who ran the “actually” Debuck’s Sod Farm (yesh it does exist). She claimed the family thought their granddaughter had written the piece and that they had received a copy of the piece via fax from some consumer who had found it on the net. In the name of Jesus, she wanted me to remove it. I forwarded the email to Jericho and he ripped the woman to shreds.
some people have all the luck.
if only i could hear you scream
okay. first off, like the new design? 🙂 Mike from ihatemike.com did it for me as a pre-birthday gift type thingy. I’m totally loving the way this came out. go email him and tell him how much he rocks. 🙂 He doesn’t believe it.
fountain and fairfax
so much running through my head. haven’t heard back from any of the schools as of yet. i can’t make a decision on what i want to do. i can’t decide where i want to go. people are pushing me a million different ways. i don’t know what’s going to make me happy — o better what what goals will need to be done to get to that point.
i feel so shallow.
all i can think of is damn Afghan Whigs lyrics and the fact I’m getting my hair done tomorrow.
hopefully tomorrow i will have something more profound.
“think I’m proud of this, then the shame you never lose”
this must be what jail is like.
someone stop me!