i’ve been home since last Wednesday (2.17.99) with some sort of bronchial/flu/cold dealie going on. I get this every year — and I’m sure if I wasn’t smoking, I wouldn’t get it as bad as I do. So lesson learned today folks that lisa is quitting smoking. have to. i can’t quite get this coughing up my lungs by an early death. i’ve called into work and wrote (well, i’ve been meaning to!) to my prof’s telling them what’s going on. I feel horrible. Today I attempted to take Justin shoe shopping and nearly fainted at the store. I can’t move far and was afraid to drive home. I called in sick tomorrow, planning on even more bed rest and fluids. The only positive thing this has given me is a much needed loss of 5 lbs. score. not water weight — but fat. woo. will make my goal of 10 lbs this month.
so this is part the reason why people haven’t heard from me. one frantic person thought i was personally ignoring him. Nerp. (Kruton, I’m not speaking about you okay?) I haven’t had much energy to do much except sleep, read and watch movies back to back. Reading should equate studying. it doesn’t. instead i’ve been imbibing on all the heinlein books that i have in my library. which doesn’t account for much — really just five or six of his main tomes. I have found though that even though i greedily read his stuff a few years back, i’m not finding it as “entertaining” as i did then. i don’t know what’s changed. it’s still funny and in many ways, many of what he says hits the nail on the head — but from what i’ve understood in the past with old Heinlein lovers — he comes and goes in spurts. heh. literally. i’m not really being dragged into anything “new” via lit as of late. i’ve been reading spurts of Plato/Aristotle/Socrates (not necessarily in that order) for classes and of course, course work. I tried reading a book that i bought several years ago called “Pooh and the Philosophers” in which the author claims “all of modern western philosophy leads up to Winnie the Pooh.” However, when I bought the book several years ago (as a gag gift to myself) I thought it would be “cute” as all theories are possible.
however, when i delved into the book last night — i found it to be boring and tedious. i did not see any Socratic/platonic (heh) view between Pooh and freaking honey. the author — who teaches philosophy at Cambridge natch — has something up his ass — or in his brain. or maybe he’s smoking too much damn crack.
michael wants me to come to his philosophy club on Tuesday nights. he says i have to back up what is say with proof and meaning — none of which i hold dear to my heart (as if!).
however, i get the feeling that it’s nothing more than #philosophy in real life — with just as many ego-iq’s as the channel holds. should be fun. so i will probably go.
Jonathan is trying to get me to go to defcon 7 this year. i have no idea why. he just think it’s cool for me to go. i went to defcon 5. and i really don’t see a reason _to_ go. see friends? maybe. but i can see them anytime. besides, this whole thing isn’t my bag. Jonathan is just strange. even though he looks like chris o’donell.
several people have commented that i look like minnie driver. i wish to hell that i looked like minnie! damn is she fione or what here? anyway, basically people think i look like her or tiffani-amber theissen. and mainly because while both are brunettes, they also have wide faces such that i have. except i chopped all my hair off a few months ago in an effort to go shorter — and then thought about going shorter still — and regret cutting it off. i always fucking do that!
this is so banal and pointless. i just wanted something to show minnie’s picture. *meow*
i’m going to bed.
ps: nyquil gives you some strange ass dreams. that’s all i’m saying because that is all i freaking remember.

champagne wishes and caviar dreams

Something felt amiss today.
I wasn’t sure what it was, and I am pretty sure it wasn’t my new schedule. I checked my credit cards, my keys, my smokes. I felt like something was not necessarily missing, but out of place, but, I wasn’t sure what it was.
I flipped through my day planner (what a joke! I last used it back in June), and took a look at birth dates, and realized that Jeff turned 22 a few days ago.
I remember last year, I became totally egotistical and sent him some cheesy e-card, in which I signed it “To Roark (insert crap here), Love Dominique”.
Not only how fast a year goes by, but how endless it seems to feel.
Next weekend is Def Con, and I am not going. My plans with people (who won’t be named) to take down se7en still has not been put into effect yet. Really though, it won’t be that hard. Nothing more than the over 200 emails I saved from our “courtship” (ha!), that pretty much show that everything he’s told me, the world, dc-stuff, was a lie. Reminds me, I have to call UCLA tomorrow.
Justin has a sprained ankle, the poor baby. I’ve been stuffing him with lime sherbert and pineapple juice whilst I do this page. He keeps attempting to hobble to the kitchen, and I won’t let him. 😉 Isn’t that what gf’s are for? 😉
A couple of days ago, I was actually browsing the web aimlessly (I don’t do that much anymore), when I found this article by C/Net about the review of the four big ISP’s. What a fucking joke, because it lists AOL as #1, when AOL is really an OSP (on-line service provider) not an ISP. Gawd!
You are probably wondering, why does this piss you off? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. I’ve been working in the Internet industry for about 3.5 years now, and no matter where I go, and what I do, it seems that there is nothing but miscommunications about what is ‘correct’ and what is ‘incorrect’. For instance, didja know that the Internet actually consists of more then WWW? Yep! I know it’s hard to believe, but the Internet (which was started as ArpaNet), has been around since the late 60’s, and it is actually comprised of seven protocols: IRC, FTP, News, Email, WWW, Telnet and I think Gopher is the last one. I always forget the last one! Anyway, people always assume that the WWW is the Internet, and that is it! And see, it goes without saying, that this is why I was ticked off about C/Net’s article. AOL provides majority of their services in-house, therefore, they are an On-line service provider. It was not till recently that they actually gave out Internet connectivity, and the amazing thing is that their programs (email and ftp) are so arcane and antiquated, that they are worthless. Might as well teach people command line and get it over with.
Which won’t happen, but a girl can dream can’t she?
A few days ago, a friend of mine on the email list, sf-fumblers, wrote about how Random House has put up the 100 best books of the 20th century, inviting readers to also submit their favorites. While the Readers Best constantly changes, I was amused a few days ago when I Want To Blow Monkeys by Ayn Rand was listed as number 6. heh. I hate Any Rand. Geez. The woman stole the plot line of Gone With The Wind from Mitchell. She was not creative at all. 😉
However, since I have been checking the list a few times a day, I decided that my new project (and Justin agreed) was to read all 100 books on the list, and some of the ones off the Readers Pick. It is easier than it looks, as I have already owned or read about 25% of those authors, so I think that since I’m not in school, I might as well edubacate myself.