Beta Readers: Anatomy of a Tart

Dear Internet,

Anatomy of a Tart is now up!

I wrote this last year for a local flash fiction contest and it did not place. Their loss. It’s was edited by my MIL before submission, who does such things for a living, but I’m always curious to see what others think of it. Comments and criticism are always welcome. I want to use this piece as potentially start making the submission rounds.

If you’re new to Beta Readers, you can find more information here.


Protected: Anatomy of a Tart

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Beta Readers: New story is up

Dear Internet,

Back in September, I put a call out for beta readers. Tonight I emailed the list with a link to the first story along with the password. As I know several other people have made mention they were interested in the joining in the last few weeks, it seemed like a good idea to put the call out again along with how it works.

Here’s how it will work:
I’ll subscribe you to an announcement list. Every time a story gets posted, you’ll get an email that will include a link to the password protected story on my blog as well as the password. You can either comment on the blog piece directly or email me with thoughts/suggestions.

You’re not obligated to comment every time. The announcement list will only come from me.

Please add readers @ exitpursuedbyabear . net (minus the spaces) to your allow list.

Gmail is sending confirmation emails directly to the junk folder.

I’m looking for comments on: Continuity, wordiness, grammar issues, if it makes sense (or doesn’t), and everything in between.

Because the entry is password protected, WordPress is not posting the link to Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter, but strangely it is posting to LiveJournal. In addition to making an announcement on the list, I’ll also make a public post with an announcement a new story is up.

Let me know if you have any questions.